Hi all,
Been mesmerised by Court's videos on YouTube and caught the e-MTB bug well and truly.

I'm a 58-year-old "recycled teenager" (according to my friends) and list kitesurfing as my main passion with MTB a close second. I am overweight (95kg - 210 lb) and I would say a fairly confident cyclist and love challenging and demanding downhills - the problem with downhills is that they are usually preceded by UPhills and that is where I lack the stamina and fitness (not helped by recent knee injury kitesurfing) to join the countless organised rides with a bunch of 30-somethings here on the hills and beautiful mountains of Cyprus. And here is where e-MTBs come into it - it will extend my range no end.
Looking for advice and guidance - I currently ride a 29" Trek X-Caliber 8 MTB and I have narrowed it down Haibike as a brand - cannot decide SDuro range (Yamaha) or XDuro (Bosch), or even HT or full suspension - would love to get advice from people here.
Look forward to talking to some of you here..

Chris Nolte

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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a fun place to ride! My recommendation would be full suspension based on the fact that you like challenging downhill. My general preference for motors is Bosch, but that's a personal thing. Some really like Yamaha, I like the reliability and refinement of the Bosch system.
Hi Chris - thank you for the welcoming message and useful insight regarding the motors and types of bikes.
Regarding the general consensus, people seem to select a 27.5-inch frame if going full-frame and 29" if choosing hardtail. Is this a correct assertion or have I got it all wrong.