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NYC that is. I am a native New Yorker with a Pedego Stretch I've owned for many years now. It is the second model year. We would ride on occassion but it took the Pandemic for it to become a regular mode of transportation. Now we are hooked!! Why e-bike crazytown?! Since legalization of e-bikes in 2020, our delivery people who were absolutely and without question essential workers during the Pandemic, have become terrors to the elderly population trying to cross the street. Delivery bikes are doing 40-50 MPH here, red lights, wrong way, no problem. The car speed limit is 25MPH. Just a matter of time until licensing and insurance will be a requirement, just like any other "motor"cycle. I'm not complaining, this is not a letter to my congressman, just letting EBR members know what the environment I ride in is like. In my twenties I was a bike messenger, way before we got these "dangerous" bikelanes, we rode fixies like maniacs, flying in traffic between cars and trucks, so I too have guilt to bear. Ever watch the movie "Quicksilver"? There is very little exaggeration in it. I managed to leave that industry mostly unscathed, only two..... a broken jaw and scar on my chin, and nice lady opened taxi door without looking I flew breaking a few ribs. Fatalities were common back then, no helmets either. My daughter is 11 now and I am trying hard as I can to be a responsible Daddy. Yes I signal my intent and I stop at red lights and get yelled at by other bikers that want to go through. There are a few others that try to follow the rules but we are severely outnumbered. It is what it is in Crazytown! Back to my Pedego Stretch! What an amazing bike! Versatile and a heavy duty aluminum frame configuration I love. Time for a rebuild! Battery and drive system. Looking at Hi-C Battery in Colorado, like the experience, knowledge, and 1 year warranty. I don't like having to ship it to Colorado, so I am also looking at this no-name crew in Brooklyn. I'm sure there is a name I just don't know it yet, I will try to keep you informed on how that goes. I know there is a Pedego Forum with a lot more Pedego activity, but I am not interested in keeping anything Pedego but the frame and the downtube battery with 52V 20ah and 968 wh output. The frame can support up to 600lbs, so really looking for a motor with more torque than it's current Bafang rear-hub 500W. There are 3000W brushless offerings on Amazon with Sabvoton programmable controller kits. No display, which I prefer, just twist and go. But not 50MPH!! I understand I can program the controller to maintain 1st speed out of three speeds and function with 48V and up. Waterproof is also nice. Am I correct in stating that brushless motors are all or nothing no matter how much I try to feather the throttle? Geared are more gentle and build speed? Brushless will snap your neck? My daughter is a speed freak, must be genetic, "Faster faster daddy". The reality is anything over 30 MPH gets scary, make that 25MPH, especially on such a heavy bike with my family on board. It takes a good distance to stop safely, like a tractor trailer. I call it "The Rig," the shopping cart in the back is not a regular thing, just for that day, but it worked perfectly. I have looked through the kit/rebuild section but not much on increasing torque. I am leaning toward a kit to eliminate any trial and error. I know my rear dropout is in the 155mm range. Is a 3000W brushless motor geared for higher torque too much for a 52V 20ah battery? Like, will I only get 10 miles per charge? Is NBPower the company from China on Amazon a reliable source? https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-C...n/dp/B08QZF9FSY/ref=sr_1_1?crid=11L4BLFQ2F2QY Kit goes for $798.00. Other options? Always prefer made in the USA, but may not exist. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Glad to be here, and looking forward to your responses. Be Safe!
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