Hello from Edmonton!


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Hello from sunny Edmonton, Alberta where it's been +20° C one day and then -4° and snowing the next. :). Still searching for my first e-bike after a couple of years of research. I was pretty much set on the RadRunner but the price difference between here and USA is too much. Then I discovered the Rize bikes site and now leaning hard towards the Blade model. Looks pretty comparable to the RR and you seem to get a lot more bang for the buck. Anyone have any experience or opinions on it? I do think the RR looks better but...


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Welcome to the site.
We had 2" of snow this week in Kentuckiana, blah! This global warming changes everything. I'm doing my part to stop it by not driving a car to work or shop anymore.
Be sure to check the brand threads about any brand you consider, to see what known problems there are. https://electricbikereview.com/forums/categories/discussion-by-brand-user-reviews.168/
Edmonton Alb is big enough, I would hope you would find several shops with brands in stock. Then you could try on frame size, ride position, and other basic selection matters that aren't covered in a feature list. Difference between PAS, torque sensing, and throttle control are also not obvious. Happy shopping.


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Good tips Indianjo. Not any vendors around here carry them. Bike supply in general is very low - as are accessories. I may find someone else who has one and go from there. I'm still on the injured list from December so we'll see what happens. Cheers! Keep that snow to yourself! :)

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try the freedom ebike website, they are close to you
reasonably priced and he has stock, I was there 3 days ago