Hello from Europe


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Hi, I am Paul. I just bought my first e-bike. Before I owned a trek STP200 mountain bike and a Koga World traveler hybrid travel bike. I used both a lot here in the flat Netherlands. I replaced both bikes with a Riese & Muller Superdelight Touring (56 cm) GX with Fox Float upgrade. I bought it slightly used (< 2000 km), Probably would have gone for the Delight Touring if I did not get a good deal on this used Superdelight.

Also bought my 2 sons their first (non-electric) mountain bikes and when riding with them I switch off the motor on my Superdelight. I am surprised how easy the Superdelight goes with the motor off. I am also still surprised how heavy the bike is. Especially coming from a 10.8 kg Trek. The Superdelight with it's 31.8 kg is 2.9 times heavier :eek: (probably will notice this extra weight going uphill, but for that I have the motor with 85Nm).

I am planning to use the bike more often now and use the car less. Driving to the next town is a 30km round trip for example. This is now much easier and faster with the e-bike than on my Koga. But I must be careful not to go too fast, otherwise it will cost too much energy from myself. With the e-bike I am so fast at the top speed of 25 km/h that it is easy to go over it.

I am still thinking if I will have the touring and or sport mode replaced by the Tour+ or the eMTB mode. First I will put some distance on the bike to learn it and it's motor better. Already learning a lot from this forum and hope to keep learning here and maybe help other as well.