Hello From Ft. Pierce & Lake Placid, FL


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Hi, we have a house in Ft. Pierce, FL and and an RV on a lot we own in Camp Florida Resort in Lake Placid, FL (about an hour & 20 minutes away). We commute between the two places, and spend varying times between the two, so a folding electric bike is ideal to bring along on the commute, so I ordered a VoltBike Mariner for use in both places!

Basically, I can easily ride a bicycle, but pedaling it not so much, as it is very difficult/painful to do with my totally shot left hip, two bad knees, and spinal stenosis! :confused:

I have a Honda Shadow 1100 motorcycle in one place, and a Yamaha Majesty 400 scooter in the other, but both are a bit difficult to get on/off, so I will probably be selling both soon. :(