Hello from Germany


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Hi there,
I live in Bavaria, Germany and love to ride my Haibikes since 2012. My current Haibikes are
The 2015 Haibike FatSix

FatSix Sprung.jpg _20170106_193103.JPG4 Fat.jpg DSC_0246 (Mittel).JPG

here in the Karpats, Romania
FatSix Transalpina.jpg

the 2015 Haibike Sduro AMT Pro (which is still waiting for me to come back to California :cool:)

the 2013 AMT (Bosch Classic drive unit)
20140321_170653 (Klein).jpg

the 2013 Haibike Trekking S (the fast one with the Bosch Classic drive unit)
DSC_0809 (Mittel).JPG

and an Sduro HardLife for my girlfriend.

I barely use my car since I have these great toys.
Riding ebikes a lot makes me happy and is a really good training.
This is the for example what you can track using the Bosch Nyon;
Riding the FatSix without using any assistance is hard, but possible ;)
Auswertung en.PNG

So as I am new to this forum, but know everything about the Bosch drive units (already disassembled some and replaced bearings etc., look here), I will try to answer any Bosch or Yamaha questions as I can.
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Welcome to the forums. :)

May I ask what brand rack is that on the Fat Six? At some point I know I'll be tempted by a 'fat' bike, and that looks quite nicely done.


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The rack is the Tubus Fat. The only one that fits. Also requires a special rack lock like the "Salsa Rack-Lock Seat Collar", 35mm