Hello from Laguna Niguel, California


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Hello from Laguna Niguel, California :)

I want an electric bike for getting myself quickly and easily down to the beach. I'm not looking to ride it much at all in soft sand and not very much at all in packed sand either. Really just to get to the beach, where I might push it in the sand for 25ft or so where I'll lock it up and go surfing. I mostly surf a spot a few towns down in South San Clemente, California called Trestles and it is really just a 1-2mi one way trip to the beach and it is all down hill getting there and paved most of the way, there are some hard packed dirt paths to a couple of the surf spots, but the sand is only once you get to the beach. Getting back from the beach at Trestles I think it would be considered a very easy incline, probably going from sea-level to 50 ft above sea-level in just less than a mile.

For years I have been using a regular mountain bike to surf Trestles where I use a surfboard trailer called a wheele. But E-Bikes are becoming very popular for guys that surf Trestles using a bike. I have seen mostly Sondors and a couple RadRovers and some other E-Bikes that I don't recognize. And now that I've researched it a bit more I think some are custom mid-drives.

Well anyway, I was telling my neighbor about wanting to get an electric bike for surfing Trestles, that I almost pulled the trigger on a RadRover as I was not impressed with the Sondor i saw going UP the path at Trestles compared to other E-Bikes. Well my neighbor then disclosed that he has been thinking about it too because he wanted to get to a surf spot down the hill from our houses. But to get from our houses to this spot(Salt Creek), less than 2 miles one way, it would be all down hill mostly, so easy. The tough part would be getting back home as we live on the tallest hill in Laguna Niguel and our houses are at about 900 feet above sea-level. But he was saying that through his research he felt that a Mid-Drive bike could make it up our hill with ease. Again this one street goes from about 50ft above sea-level to 900ft in only 1 mile.

But now through my research I am to believe that this would not be a problem at all with a Mid-Drive E-Bike. I did not consider it before because I did not assume it was possible.

So now I'm on a quest to build a mid drive bike that will get me up and down the hill I live at the top of.
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If you haven't noticed it, you might want to visit this forum -

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Welcome, great to hear e bikes are populating Trestles. What a place , I've walked the path many times back in my So.Cal. days . Love hearing those stones rolling around when it's around 25 + Epic wave ! I'm landlocked in Austin these days. Did you know we're going to have a machine produced wave near the F1 track ? If the lawyers ever get the safety details ironed out.
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