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Hello everyone my name is Peter, but you can call me Grim or GrimClawz. I'm from Maine and I am just getting into electric bikes and electric scooters. So because I'm a newbie I decided to go with more of a beginner electric scooter. I ended up getting the brookstone Blue line elite 10. I worked as an mhrt which is a mental health rehabilitation technician and part-time as a vending technician who basically fills vending machines soda machines and cashes out arcade games. and pool tables. I also have an associate's degree in automotive technology, and ASE certification and suspension work, and my main state inspection license to inspect cars, as well as five Microsoft certifications and the 8th medical certifications to be an mhrt1. So that's a bit about me and thank you for letting me into the forums I hope to get to know you all and have some great discussions as I plan on buying more electric bikes and electric scooters in the future and starting a collection. I do need some help with the one that I am using now as brookstone is probably the worst company I have ever purchased from. The escooter was actually produced by brookstone sold through Hardline LLC which is a wholesaler to Walmart which I bought off walmart.com. so I'm going to head to a different forum right now and post a few questions and hopefully some of you guys that are more experienced can help me. But once again it is nice to meet you all and I thank you so much for letting me into your group it's nice to be around like-minded people that have similar interests.
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