Hello from Maryland


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I’ve been an ebike lover for about 5 years. I was first introduced to them when I was touring Ireland with 2 of my children. That first month back home I could hardly think of anything else and took off to purchase my first ebike which was a Currie epath with a hub motor (cadence sensing only) but it only went 38 mi/ charge and less each year as the batter strength dwindled. The bike I rode in the UK were Giant torque sensing and I liked that so much better than the cadence sensing and I found the torque sensing much easier to ride with those on regular bikes (the rest of my family). I went on a hunt for a new bike and settled on the Bulls Lacuba evo 45. I kept my ePath for others to ride with me (the topography around me is very rural and very hilly). I LOVE having two bikes...when one needs service I can still ride the other.


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If you own a Bulls ebike esp one with Brose motor then you need a second bike due to the unreliability of the Brose motor.