Hello from Minnetonka!


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Thanks for the tip, @PedalUma! I used to drive a transit bus, and also a camper (although not at the same time 😂), so I know the importance of practicing in empty parking lots until you are comfortable. I've been researching the past couple of days, trying to read up on everything I can about how trikes handle, but I think an afternoon of slow figure-eights will teach me much more at this point. I know what a difference the trike will make in the life of the woman you are converting it for, and what a difference it will make in mine. I love horses, and own a couple of mini-horses, but my days of riding are over now, too. Riding a bike is the closest sensation I can get to being on the back of a horse. Only horse people know the real sense of peace we get there. Not only is Chan nice and flat, but the entire city is honeycombed with trails, that even run under Highway 5 so I won't have to cross traffic! And the trike community has been so warm and friendly...this is already proving to be a very wise choice on my part! Many thank yous! 😁
SE MN here and loving the fact I don't "need" a mid-drive. Hub motors are perfect for MN.
Trikes are so very easy to flip if cornering too fast. I try out any new build on a local MSF course.


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Hello kwalk and welcome to EBR, you have a fantastic bike there. I have the Pace 500 which I am very pleased with, for a couple of hundred dollars more, you have a lot of extras that make it a far better buy. You have the the extended battery, fenders and carrier, throttle on demand and front suspension. These options run the price up to hundreds more than my model. I’ve got over 2,000 miles in three years and I’m very happy with it. You also have a good company that is easy to deal with and has your back all the way. Good luck and ride safe and responsibly.