Hello from Montebello, Québec!

Hi guys,

I'm Remi from Montebello Quebec!

It is situated roughly half way between Montreal, the biggest city of the province, and Ottawa, the capital of the country.

Montebello is known internationally for is prestigious hotel, Fairmont Château Montebello, built in the 1930's which remain the largest log building in the whole world. We also have the Parc Omega, the biggest animal park on eastern Canada, an artisan Cheesemaker, Fromagerie Montebello, who won national prize for the quality of is blue cheese, the Rébellion 1837, an artisan chocolate maker, Chocomotive, who only make chocolate from certified fair-trade and organic cocoa, we also have an artisan brewery, Les Brasseurs de Montebello, an artisan soap maker , Lavandine', and now we are happy to have the first Pedego shop in the province! Not bad for a village of less than a thousand inhabitants!

I'm an electric vehicule enthousiast, which really make sense in the province of Quebec since all the electricity is made from renewable resources. The electric company who supply us is called 'Hydro-Québec' so...

I ride an electric car, electric ATV, Pedego electric bikes, electric scooter ( real scooter, the category that need plates and license) and electric kick scooter.

Even my lawn mower is electric, so doing my best to reduce my carbon foot print while still enjoying the good things in life!

I believe electric bikes, while not being the absolute solution about air pollution and climate change, can surely be a part of it. Traditional bikes have been around for more then a century and they absolutely failed as a mean of transportation in North America, being used primarily as a toy. Electric bikes on the other hand are a game changer, they have all the advantages of regular bikes, but without most of its disadvantage. I believe and hope electric bikes enthusiasm will continue to grow and they will be used more and more as real mean of transportation.

Ive been lurking for a while and I'm really happy about everything that EBR make to raise awareness about those awesome machine that are electric bikes! Hopefully in at the near future we will see as many (or more!) bikes as there are cars! Well, at least in summer!


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Welcome to the site.
Nice selection of foods in your area. Frommage bleu! probably illegal in the US due to active cultures. Unfortunately I can't enjoy wine tastings; I'm native Am and have nothing to say after 1 unit alcohol. Wooden Indian.
I've also given up gasoline driven cars, except for 5000 mile vacations in the wife's car. I pedaled myself everywhere after quitting work 2008 to 2018 but 25 mph headwinds in September 2018 convinced to add a geared hub motor. Now I commute 30 miles to/from my summer camp pedal powered most of the time, but with electricity if I'm only making 5 mph.
Unfortunately my lawnmower at the summer camp is a 23 hp diesel tractor with a 12 hp gasoline B&S motor driving the flail. The 2015-2019 seasons I used chemicals to kill the weeds & trash trees, letting the grass grow, but that took five days a week all summer. It rained 8 days out of 10 this summer & I had to go to fossil fuel to keep the trash trees from taking over all 23 acres. I have ~ 4 acres of scrubby woods, no valuable trees. Acorns won't sprout, and I can't buy tulip poplar seeds. Just pine, which I don't want.
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The manufacturing and distribution of power currently (sic) where I live in the western US is also hydro via the BPA. There are issues with damming up a river as large as the Columbia and negative effects on the environment so Hydro isn't always as environmentally sound as it might sound. Not sure about issues in Quebec but I can't think that there aren't at least some. Don't get me wrong as it is way better than Nuclear....

As long as the grid stays functional, Hydro is at least sustainable and along with the new administrations Solar and Wind commitment in 10yrs millions more will have what you have attained hopefully. Personally I only have eBikes and my electric trail work chainsaw as I don't commute, or go anywhere far enough to warrant the expense of an eCar at this time but the Cyber Truck looks like it would fit in the driveway.

Don't forget to post pix!


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Welcome Remi! I remember having a wonderful crepe with my wife across from the Montebelo hotel just a few decades ago! Beautiful area.