Hello from Montreal, Canada


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Hello everyone.

I have been a bike commuter for 2 years now. The only days I do not commute by bike are in rainy days. I have 2 bikes at the moment. My Specialized road bike (which I have nick named The Green Hornet):

And a mountain bike I picked up at a pawn shop(with its nick name the Silver bullet):

The Green Hornet I enjoy on the week ends when I do the extended rides every morning, 3 to 4 hours.

The silver bullet is my main commuter to and from work, also when I just wanna go for a bike ride. My commute consist of 25 Km each way. All seasons are great, only issue is the winter, from a 50 minute commute it turns into a 2 hour commute.

I found this site by chance through you tube video's I was watching, mainly from ebike review videos.
By the time August hit I brought it down from 10 ebikes to 2, Sonders and Volt bike. Both bikes had things I liked and disliked on them. Couldn't make up my mind. The in the forum for Volt bike i saw a thread from america94 about alternative for Canadians. After reading all the review from america94 and others who have posted and visited the website, I decided to pay a visit to the teo showroom.

Benoit was there and I didn't ask but believe his daughter too. They both took the time to walk me through the Teo bikes and describe the differences of the Sonders, Volt and Teo. I spent roughly an hour there and all questions I had were answered. I went on several test ride and confirmed the Teo is to my liking.

I put my deposit down and am waiting for delivery of my Téo S ltd Medium Red 750W.
I would like to thank america94, Denis , Falken and all others who have contribute in the Teo forum. Your reviews and such were what swayed me from the other 2 and proceed with Teo.


Thank you


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I got an email yesterday saying the shipment has been received and there is a box with my name on it waiting for me to pick it up. I replied back saying I will be there after 4 pm when I finish work. That reply was at 9am. at 12 i got in my car and headed to Teo HO to pick him up. I couldn't wait till 4:30 pm lol.

Once I got home I brought the box into my Garage and I started to get to work.
First move, get all the parts out of the box.

2nd move, put all the parts together. Unfortunately I was so excited in receiving and building I forgot to take pictures of the process. I tested the wheels and found the front disk was rubbing with the pads. I tried for an hour to fix it but alas I concluded the disk is slightly bent.

The next day afterwork I took the bike to a shop near me who fixed it right up, not perfect straight, but straight enough there is no rubbing. I went for a 1.5 hour ride after that. I am happy with my decision this is the right choice. Though i used the throttle every now and them majority was P.A. My setting was no more that 2, it was enough for a leaser ride. Without further adoo I would like to introduce the third musketeer in my garage:

IMG_0004 2.JPG


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Very nice! Glad you are enjoying it so far:) Bummer about the front disc, but I guess we have to expect some things that need a little attention. I don't think the bikes are inspected before they ship out to the owners. How do you like the headlights you purchased?


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The disk break is miner. Could have occurred during shipping or event when I had it in my car with the box sideways, who knows. It was an easy fix.
The lights I have had since last year, 1 for each of the other bikes. 1 will be going back to the green machine, the other shared.
I am planning on changing a few or adding
1) rear rack, the rails are too thick and wont fit my panniers, ordered the same one america94 got.
2) bar extenders, the handle bar is not round plus not that much real estate there to put anything.
3) thumb throttle as the twist puts strain on me wrist.
4) rear view mirror

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Congrats my friend, looking real good there. I'm sure you'll be pretty happy.

I'm jealous, looking at your 1st pic. all the parts... I did not get a pair of BLUE Crocs ;) Going to have to talk to Benoit!

Oh, what is that little Red/White light at the back on the right, attached to your rack ?

RED is so fast - I had to stop wearing my spandex outfit. I need more wind resistance to slow down so others can keep up with me.:rolleyes:


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Well good news and bad news.
Good news
The rear rack came in yesterday. 1 day shipping

bad news
Tried to instal the rack, it does not fit. With the rear fender in place, the bottom bracket is not long enough, needed 2 inches more.
Either I take out the fender or find a way to make it fit with the fender.

Anyone have idea let me know.

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Just a thought...

Instead of getting rid of the Téo rack, why not trying to find a tail bag you like...

I love my rack and my ROCKBROS tailbag. It's got built in pannier style bag that roll out...

Dunno. Just an idea...


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The tail bag is fine I have no issues there.
The problem with the TEO rack is the bars are too thick and my Garneau Panniers to clip in, doesn't fit around them.

Not a fan on the 2 in 1 bag with panniers, I lost my clothes due to them tearing off the bag on 2 different rides.


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Glad to be part of the mtl family.
Well as I mentioned earlier my rear rack does not fit with the fenders I have I need the bottem extender bar to be 2 mor inches to clear the fender.

I did complete the first upgrades to The Red Baron:

The only thing I am upset about is the rear fender. The 2 rear bolts connecting the fenders to the bike came lose. Due to them coming loose the washers are not wide enough and cause both of them to create a hole big enough for the washers to pass through them. I had to add my own washers just to keep them in place and not jiggle:

Is this covered under the warranty? Because they came lose and at the time I was in mid commute the rattling has caused the paint to scratch off an the knubs where the screws connect.

Other than this issue above I have no complaints of the bike. I do 50 kms a day for my commute from Ville st-laurent near the 13 to anjou. The weather for the last week has been great. I event go for a 10-15 km ride before I go to bed sometimes. I can't wait until winter comes when the real fun begins with the commute.


The tail bag is fine I have no issues there.
The problem with the TEO rack is the bars are too thick and my Garneau Panniers to clip in, doesn't fit around them.View attachment 18196

Not a fan on the 2 in 1 bag with panniers, I lost my clothes due to them tearing off the bag on 2 different rides.
Maybe these would work? https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5024-767/Universal-Upper-Pannier-Clips
Mixed reviews however. You might be able to get something similar from another supplier if they don't.


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Thanks for the tip.
But unfortunately my panniers are Louise Garneau's. The clips are made for Mec Panniers:
"These replacement pannier clips work with older MEC panniers and most Serratus® panniers as well."

I can't use them.
I think a number of folks on the MEC site did some "surgery" on panniers to make the clips work. Another option might be to fabricate a platform with thinner rails that project out slightly to the side and clamp it to the factory rack.

Good luck.


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Well here is my next update on my latest upgraded. I am loving how it is turning out. The best thing about all our upgrades is it also makes all our bikes unique to their riders.








Also I am now almost at 550 km in exactly 2 weeks of commuting.

There are a few more pieces i am getting but as everyone else it will be slow process. More pictures to come in the future.