Hello from Nanoose Bay, BC


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Hello, my wife Ethlee and I are joining up as Ebike hopefuls. Ethlee bought an Easy Motion Volt without battery, but otherwise in excellent condition. Now we have ordered a new battery and getting ready to put all in motion - found out we are also missing the display unit - so that will be the first item to search for on the Wanted Forum! For myself we have ordered a Swytch bike conversion for my 26" wheels. Hopefully we can both be out riding together soon. Kobie


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Welcome to the site and the hobby.
Displays go through a lot of changes. It is not likely that you will find one that matches your controller. Best to order a new $40 controller with display from someplace, that matches the 5 pin hall effect pickup connector & the 3 phase wires to the motor. Also the PAS pickup or throttle if you have them.