Hello from New York City!

Hello everyone,
I'm an avid recreational cyclist from NYC and nothing else makes me happier than riding. I've been commuting to/from work on an e-bike for 10 years now, so I guess you can say I've been way ahead of the game. I just received my new Lectric XP bike (9/18/19) after patiently waiting for 2 months. I rode it to work today (9/20/19) for the first time and I'm looking forward to sharing that experience. I'm also looking forward to others reviews, pics and ways to creatively modify this bike. Thanks for reading. Happy and safe riding 😁


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Happy new bike day! Looking forward to reading about your ownership experience. Stay safe.


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Nice! I've heard a lot of people posting about Lectric ebikes, congrats on getting it! Can't wait to hear how it holds up for you, thanks for introducing yourself here. More great reviews and stuff are in the works ;)


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Hi! I just got an e-bike, planning to commute Bronx - Manhattan, but got worried about the "police crackdown" etc on class 2 bikes.... What class bike is yours and have you had any issues with police?


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Welcome on board. This forum and Court's review site is a sterling source of ebike info.
Hi Avni,

Congrats on your new e-bike. If you've started your commute I hope it's been fun. I have not experienced any "police crackdown" at all. I have a class 2 e-bike and have been all over the city and on the Brooklyn Bridge without any problems. I also do a lot of pedaling when the police are visible as not to look like I have any sort of electric enhancement and I'm also extremely aware of pedestrian surroundings. Those delivery guys on the e-bikes are going to ruin things for everyone. They throttle at full speed on the bike paths, bridges, crosswalks and sidewalks. I hope we won't have to fight to keep this awesome alternative transportation. Safe riding :)