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Hi all! I am a 52 year old avid cyclist (most of my life) who never dreamed of ever owning an e-bike. I have transitioned from road towards gravel over the past couple of years to keep away from traffic and feel more at one with nature. 2 years ago, I developed Atrial Fibrillation (a type of heart arrhythmia which can potentially cause cardiac arrest or stroke) which had to be reverted with electric plates to my chest. Then 1 year ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, completely out of the blue. It is a rare from associated with non-smokers and 'younger' people.... A bit of a rollercoaster ride! Turning 50 was not healthy for me!

My clients (I am a business coach) decided to pull together and raise enough money for me to buy an e-bike to keep up with my mates. How good is that?!

So here I am with a Specialized Creo SL Expert kitted out for gravel


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Enjoy your Creo, they are very nice bikes.