Hello from NYC!!


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Hello Everyone! My name is Christopher, 45, and living in the Upper W. Side of Manhattan. I was the owner of a successful online business until the virus hit. now I am hoping to open a delivery service using ebikes. I spent hundreds of hours going over what these big companies charge the businesses and the people who subscribe to the service and compared it to what they pay their delivery workers. They are litterally getting rich off others backs! I was able to line up about ten busionesses, made up of bodegas, resteraunts, liqour stores, nd a grocery store. Being 45 and working on a computer for 5 years hasn't helped my figure any; I'm at about 235 lbs. That's why I decided to ge into delivery. First, I wanted to lose weight but riding a pure pedal bike all day has almost made me blow a gasket or at the very least overheat several times. I was going to buy a cheaper Ebike with the 36v and 250 watt motor but I don't believe it would be enough for a guy my size and the miles I ride a day. I am hoping to get a 48v with a 500 watt motor. I looked on Offer up & Lrtgo but there is just too much that you don't know about used Ebikes. I was thinking what happens if after I buy it I get 2 miles and the battery dies? Or the motor starts making noise? Or the battery doesn't hoold a full charge? Then I thought what if I get stopped a month later and some super cop runs the serial # onlt to findout it was stolen and won't allow me to show him the messages on Letgo? Too many variables for me. I think I will buy a bike from Amazon with a good rating that meets my needs or look on Alibaba for one with a lot of sales and good reviews. Anyone have any ideas on where to buy? What I really should get considering my weight and doing delivery? I feel very excited about the Ebike life, like a kid again. I even considered on buying the parts and build my own. There is so much to learn about electricity and the motors, frame metals. I am happy to be a member. I have to say that bicyle riding has made me feel like I have a new life and I lost 10lbs in a week just working. And the best part about doing delivery is that I love it! I even do some free deliveries for the elderly people in my neighborhood. I am really happy to be a part of this. Thank you.


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Welcome Christopher to a friendly and informative site where people are extremely helpful. I wish you the best in your business and you are a very good person to offer your service free of charge to the elderly and may God bless you.


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Buy cheap, buy twice. Go to a local bike store (Propel in Brooklyn, for one). Because at some point you will need service. Good luck getting anyone to work on a cheap online buy. Just my 2 cents.