hello from oakland


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hi everyone. before having a kid I used a non electric bike for all my transit. I did not want give that up but the burden of another person and all their stuff was too much for a regular bike. because of that I got a madsen cargo bike equipped with a bafang bb02b motor.

I found this site when I was searching for information on how to troubleshoot and fix the motor which went kaput suddenly while I was , somewhat foolishly , riding on a dirt road with a decent grade. ever since then I get no assist when the motor is on. it makes some grumbly noises when going forwards and is jerky and with resistance when rolling backwards. when off I can spin the cranks without issue. I changed the controller but that was apparently not the issue.


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Welcome to the site. Sounds as if you have either gear or one way clutch problems. Some parts are available for bafang mid-drives. Check in with Harry or TJ under maintenance section.