Hello from Ohio


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I just took delivery of Himiway Cruiser. The bike seems to be ok. I'm mean it's built to a price point. I know I will tinker. I get carried away sometimes. My wife laughed....Then said..."Be sure to save your parts...that way you will have two complete bikes when your done."

I still need to find my wife something for her small stature. Looking to do short trips and 300mile week trips. She has aligator legs!!! LoL. I will definitely ask for recommendations!

I do want eventually...
Mid Drive bbshd
Controller Phaserunner (Still not sure,)
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Gates Belt drive
52v or more


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Welcome to the site.
I hope you enjoy riding your bike as much as modifying.
Usual goto brand for short women is the Liv. Other brands as specialized, giant, trek, have small 16" and 17" frames for short people. Usually not in stock at a bike store. Unfortunately a short person has to prepay and buy the bike before they are ever allowed to sit on it. Except for bikes in stores in cities of more than 10 million population. The store in my tiny 2 million metropolis stocks only bikes for huge people. Except the pink single speed bike with a Strawberry Shortcake logo on the seat.