Hello from Pedego 101 of Westlake Village, California


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Hey EBR forum!

I'm John. My wife, Linda, and I own Pedego 101 in Westlake Village, California. I've learned a crazy amount of stuff from forums over the years, so when I can, I try to give back, and hope I can here.

I've been interested in ebike tech for a long time. I've been a Pedego dealer, and our primary mechanic, for about two years now. Before that, I converted a Trek 820 using an Electric Bike Technologies kit.

I became interested in ebikes as an eco-friendly way to do a four mile commute. I could've straight pedaled, but in the San Fernando Valley where I lived, 100 degree days aren't uncommon, so that wasn't a fun option. The ebike worked out great! Until my wife, a former spandex roadie, got her hands on it. She loved it!

She loved it so much that she didn't want us to just get a second ebike; she wanted to open a store so she could share that love with others! Now we sell, rent, and service Pedego Electric Bikes, and we do group rides and occasional tours out of the store. If any of you are local, feel free to join us some time!

Ann M.

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Way to go, @JohnT ! It's exciting to be in the ebike business; have 16 years under my belt and am so glad the products are so much better and varied than when I started my business. You make a lot of good friends, especially with folks who thought they'd never ride a bike again. Welcome to EBR.

We have a special section for Sales by Dealers, so if your shop has a short term sale, clearance, or other special you are welcome to start ONE thread and use that to post the specials. We ask that you delete your old material or make a note, SALE OVER and I'll help you with the housekeeping side. Best wishes to a successful business!