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Good evening to all. I'm tom and I am the new owner of a used Terratrike Gran Tourismo EVO/Bosch. The EVO was an add on so it came with the stock boom. I got it used yesterday and will take delivery of it on Tuesday. I'm 63 years old and a little more than 4 years ago I fell off a scaffold and fractured my skull. When I woke up 2 days later I discovered that I was now deaf in my right ear with a balance impairment. That is why I am now a trike rider. I had a conventional 24" step through trike with a 7 speed derailleur and I bought a voilamart ebike conversion kit on ebay. To make a long story short, this setup didn't work very well and was like riding a burial coffin under construction just looking for a place to die. I want to ride for pleasure and also for transportation to a part time job that I have to supplement my disability as idle hands are the devil's workshop. I have a car and can drive but I enjoy the time I have on my bike rides to and from work as well as the exercise I get from riding.
I will also tell anyone reading this that I am a born again believer in Jesus the Christ, the Son of God and my personal Lord and Savior. I am healed by faith from insulin dependent type 2 diabetes and delivered from cannabis addiction and alcoholism and also psychotropic medications. I have lost 34 lbs since April this year and I now live a ketogenic lifestyle eating one meal a day and practicing intermittent fasting.
Cycling will be a big part of my way to staying on a healthy path for my body, which I believe is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells.
I am here to make some new acquaintances and maybe some friends as well.
I look forward to hearing from folks who have like interests and I am here to learn about my new acquisition and how to affordably maintain, repair and enjoy my new 3 wheeled ride. My posts are open to all and I welcome your thoughts.😀
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