Hello from Roxborough Park, Colorado

art newcomer

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Hey, this is Art signing up. I am salivating over which eBike to purchase.
As I am 65 and weigh more than I should, having a mid drive to carry me up some of the hilly terrain has really got me enthused for the possibilities that lay ahead.
Reading some of the forums on Singletracks.com ....hmmm interesting, some attitude towards eBikes.....reminds me of the time I had a Honda CB350 motoercycle and when Harleys would come by from the opposite direction, they would give me a "thumbs down" I don't really expect to be "bombing" on the challenging mountain trails, but I want to be riding the dirt trails over the pavement.

Looking forward to reading the posts.
Happy Columbus Day! is that a thing??

Ann M.

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Welcome, Art! I like the weight distribution and torque of the mid drives. If you're a mechanical type you may want to check out some of the DIY mid drive kits; Bafang makes several that can mow down those hills :). Great day to start a big exploration!

art newcomer

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I am a Field Engineer by trade and really enjoy reading the discussions concerning the interplay of how the motor, gears, controllers, etc work together to deliver a seamless pedal assist experience.


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Hi Art there are many types of ebikes out there just shop arround don't be in a hurry you will find the one that suits you I'm quiet happy with my Easymotion Neo Exstrem rear drive like everything in life it has its problems but it does the job. I would like to try a mid drive but have to get arround the wife first ha! ha!