Hello from Sacramento, CA


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I came across EBR the other night after purchasing my Aventon Sinch (original) and researching communities.

I have been wanting to purchase an e bike for a few years now and finally had the means to do so last week.

I kind of went all in for my first e bike. Multiple upgrades and additions. Including a new longer handlebar, upgraded Aventon color display, head and back light, suspension seat post, back rack, cell phone holder, Akaso V50 Elite and external mic with head, front end, and chest harness capabilities.

The bike is arriving to my house by end of the day. I plan on documenting my adventures with the camera from start to finish and will be uploading everything to my newly created YouTube channel, SacTownSinchRides.

I look forward to being a member of this amazing community of e bike lovers and enthusiasts.

Good day to all!


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Texas Hill Country/Banana Belt, Colorado
Good luck on your new ebike adventure. Welcome to the forum.