Hello from Southern California


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Hey there! I was a long distance cyclist for a long time and use the bike/bus combo to get to/from work, but it was getting a drag and I was just lazy (and getting more and more out of shape). The buses do not come very frequently at night and so sometimes the wait time is longer than had I biked it. COVID put the nail in the coffin and I am now looking to get help on what to e-bike is best for me. I've been pouring through these pages and learned so much in a week- I wanted to thank everyone here, especially those who like to look at the data and do the math and teach people like me to understand what the specs really mean (and how what the sellers claim is dubious).

Over the last two days I've learned about pinion and internal gears, and that was an awesome read- Chains and cassettes are a pain to keep clean and all this talk about replacing a chain every 2-3 months sounds like a maintenance headache.


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Welcome to EBR Westlafadeaway, nice to have you. As you already know this is a wonderful site with lots of help from some knowledgeable and friendly people. Looking forward to your contributions as well. Good luck to you and most of all ride safe.