Hello from St. Louis, MO

STL ebiker

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I have been viewing the EBR YouTube channel for years and more recently lurking here on the forums.

I just bought a Trek Allant +8s as my exploring and general fitness bike. And I own a 2017 Trek Powerfly 7 Ebike.

Long time acoustic bike rider, but many of the roads where I live have no or small shoulders and distracted drivers concerned me enough that I didn’t enjoy my rides as much as I used to. So I switched back to mountain bikes. But, at 57, the uphills on trails...

Test rode a Giant EMTB, and moments later I called my motorcycle dealer and told him I wanted to sell my dual sport motorcycle! I switched to EMTB and have loved it. I added the Allant because most of my miles were on pavement.

Will now have to decide if I keep the Powerfly and use it less, or sell it now while the market is good and replace it in a year or two if the (financial) stars align.

I appreciate the wisdom of a good forum and hope I can help once in a while too.