Hello from Texas


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Hi all,

I just received my first ebike. An Ecotric 500w fat tire bike from Amazon.
This is my first ebike and admittedly I didn't do a ton of research before buying.
I'm not disappointed with it but I'm learning of all the options/upgrades other bikes offer that I should have looked for in the first place.
I'm content with it for now but I'll be starting a savings fund for my next ebike.
This can get addictive!


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Hello and welcome to EBR, stop looking any further for now and be happy with your choice. You had made a decision at that time and it was the right one for the knowledge you had at that time. This site offers lots of knowledge and experience from helpful and friendly members. Enjoy your bike and all that it has to offer. Many of us could look back and wish that we bought a different bike or waited just a little more. Good luck, ride safe and responsibly.