Hello From the Connecticut River Valley. Looking for a big man's bike on a budget.

Al in CT

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I have been looking at all sorts of E-bikes and reading and watching what I can. The terminologies used are so varied as to make bikes hard to compare.
I talked to a couple of local bike shops, but they are doing everything they can to convince me that I need to spend $2500 and up for a 250 watt bike.
And they are insulting all the $1500 bikes out there (and not carrying them either). I have 3 bikes below that are around $1500 to $1700. I don't want a bike to break in just a couple of years.

Here are my parameters that would make me very happy. I hope that we can find one that works.

The goal is to be under $1500 for the bike.

1) Frame size. I measured my road bike/comfort bike and they measure 38" from seat to bottom of the pedal stroke. It needs to be a step over (not a step through).

2) Weight limit. I see ranges from 275 to 300 lbs for my target. I weigh over 300, but I don't ride rough, so I am comfortable with these bikes.

3) Motor size. I am looking at 500 and 750 watt motors with 48 Volt batteries. As I am heavier than average, this is necessary so I don't burn up 250 watt motors.

4) Range. It must have over 30 miles of range on throttle alone. (i.e. 30-50+, not 15-30). This is a comparison feature, I do plan on pedaling all the time!

5) Motor noise. Geared motors are rather loud. I have a preference on quieter motors. I think the gearing is how they claim the 250 watt motor has any torque.

6) Motor location. I think I prefer rear hub motors. Reviews say that mid-drive motors put a lot of stress on the bike chain. Again, I don't ride hard, so this is not critical. This seems to be more applicable to mountain bikes.

7) NOT a fat tire bike. Why do they even sell them around here in CT? lol. Around here, you either ride on the road or a paved rail trail (except for the path that runs along the canal!)

Here are the bikes I have been looking at.

First preference is Rad Power RadCity4. It has a 750 watt motor. 48 Vdc battery. It is touted as very quiet.

It is a brushless direct drive motor.


Second preference is the Magnum Ui6 plus.


Third preference is the Ride1Up 700 series bikes. This has very good reviews, and plenty of size margin for my leg length.