Hello from the UK IZIP Skyline 24volt 250watt.


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Apologies to you for this mail as it is obviously an outdated article to yourself, but unfortunately I am at a loss as to how to cure my non charging LI-ION battery for an old Currie Technologies IZIP Skyline bike.
I have purchased 2 extra chargers from an online distributer both of which have the same rating as the original Currie charger, Unfortunately though the battery will not charge from ALL 3 chargers I purchased the chargers thinking that it maybe the charger that has broken. I have seen that this may not be the case as YouTube shows so many different Q & A's it has left myself confused.
Is there a technique to get my LI-ION batteries to respond to the charger or the charger to respond to the batteries i.e. The red light shows for approximately 1 minute then goes to green usually meaning fully charged however the 'tell tale indicator' is showing 1 green bar as to 3 green bars fully charged!