Hello from the UK (South Coast)


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United Kingdom

Thanks for the add :)

Here are my two Bafang BBS02 750w bikes that I recently built. I currently swap the 48v 17.5ah battery over as it didn't make sense to have two batteries.

The top one, a Saracen Mantra 3 17" frame, is the latest addition as the bottom one, a Vitus Dee VR 29 IGH, wasn't so good on trails.

I have just installed the PNW Coast Dropper post with 40mm of air suspension on the Saracen in the hope that it takes out the hard knocks when riding at speed on the trails. The Vitus is kitted out with the ELC Antishock seat post and stem and does a decent enough job at reducing road chatter but I do have to avoid potholes.

Both builds were effortless with the Saracen requiring a 2mm spacer to stop the motor housing fouling the frame whilst providing enough clearance for the 42t offset chainring. The only addition was the inclusion of the gear sensor in both cases and overall I'm pretty impressed with the Bafang that gives around 45 miles per charge with generous use of the various PAS levels and includes around 2,000ft elevation. Both bikes can cruise around 30mph with ease.

now looking too 'hot rod' the controllers to provide a better riding experience as I find the stock settings 'harsh' for the want of a better word.


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Welcome SimsRevenge to EBR. Lots of friendly and helpful people here, and willing to offer advice in times of need. That’s a fine looking bike and you should have lots of enjoyable miles going forward. Good luck and ride safe and responsibly.