Hello from Tim, Long Island NY.


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Hello from Tim!.. Long Island NY.
12yrs USN SSN, 26yrs working in Manufacturing.

I just bought a used 2019-RadRover with 40 miles, for $1000..
It had a few upgrades, including Thule XT Pro Rack and a Bike Cover not shown.
I added the Saddle Bags, Dick Sporting Goods, $46..

I’ve put 120 miles on it so far, and absolutely love it!
I now commute to work on it.

I need and want to get a set of Full Fenders.

Anyway, it did not take long to figure out the whole no supply and over demand for Full Fenders.
I have done enough google research, that I have come to the following….
  1. I like the look of the Big O Fenders, the best.
  2. The new style from Rad Power Bikes, are different, but are still nice.
  3. The ones from VoltBike would have been a great #2 pick, but they are out of stock.
  4. There is almost nothing else available that come close to the above, which is kinda leaves me astounded.
  5. Last option, make my own.
Link for VOLT BIKE Fenders.

Big O, is gone, and all my attempts to contact the owner, John Reimer, of Minneapolis MN, are dead ends.
If he reads this and would like to contact me, I would like to discuss, picking up where he left off.
Tooling, Process, Material Inventory Raw- Finished, $$$ etc, etc.

Rad Power Bikes, Sales says they have new fenders coming in soon, yes I signed up for the notify me.
I will be buying a set these, but I still prefer, the BIG O look, over these.
(Adding that I received the advance sale notice, that there back in stock, while posting this.)

Making my own. I should have a set by the end of next week, of ones that mirror the Big O.
I will post photos and list materials, whether I succeed or fail.
I am hoping people will take the time to comment and make suggesting’s.
Criticism, in any form can be a great tool & resource.

Lastly, for anyone who owns a set of the Big O Full Fenders for a RadRover .
And would want to trade the Old Set of Big O Full Fenders for a RadRover for a New Full Fender Set from Rad Power Bikes.
Please let me know.

Once they are in stock, I am willing to purchase a new set, and have them shipped, directly to you.
Once you receive them and swap them out, you can ship the older Big O’s to me,
I will send you a Prepaid UPS Shipping Box.

Thanks, Respectfully tim.

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I wrote the above post, 8:48am yesterday.
30 hours later, and I'm still......
"Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly. "

Anyway, at 9am PT, today, I ordered the new style RadRover Full Fenders from Rad Power Bikes.
While completing the online purchase, there was no Shipping Options available except the one shown.

My Order Conformation, included ....
Ebikes and accessories typically take 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri excluding holidays) to leave our facility. "
Clicking on their link provided shows my location on Long Island NY...... " 5 to 6 Buisness Days."

I followed up with a call to see if I could get the shipping, next day, on my UPS account.
I was informed, not at this time.
OK, I should see them in about 2-wks, Tue-Weds the 17th, 18th the latest.

In the meantime, I'll start, Making my own.
These are going to mirror the old style RadRover Full Fenders by Big O Mfg.

As I said above, I'll post photos and list materials, whether I succeed or fail.
I am hoping people will take the time to comment and make suggesting’s.

Tomorrow, I will be picking up my final choice of raw material.
I ordered a 10' length of Cresline 4" PVC Solid Drain Pipe.
It checked all the boxes for me.

All dims are US inch.
OD, The Outside Dimension of 4.215 clear the inside of the Front Forks.
ID, The Inside Dimension of 4.065 clears the width of the 4" Tire.
Min Wall, Wall Thickness of .075.

Almost all other Schedules of PVC Pipe had a Wall Thickness of .250 and greater.
That would make the ID's & OD's, unusable for this application.


Once I figure the cut length's and yield, I'll post up some pics, of the pipe being sliced in a upright band saw.
Once I have the flats cut, I am going to laser cut a egg-crate shaping form for the 26" radius.

The flats will be secured to the forms and placed in oven starting around 175f, going up to 220f if necessary.
I'm using the large dying oven on a Automated GEMA Powder Coating Line.

I'll have plenty of pics along the way.

Respectfully, tim



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Welcome to the Rad family!

I've been work commuting with my two 16 rovers with +7000 miles between them. Fenders are needed if you ride in the rain. The fat tires kick up sooooo much water and you will be taking a bath from the knees down. I have a rear rack also and that acts like a rear fender to keep my backside from getting soaked.

I didn't go for full fenders because we only get around 8-10 inches of rain/snow per year. The fenders also would have made it hard to secure my ebike on my saris superclamp 4 platform rack that secures on top of the tires.


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Thank You for the Welcome mrgold35!!!

7k miles! that's impressive!

At 55, I had not been on a bicycle in 39 years.
I'm up to 200 miles and absolutely JAZZED about it! 😁

I'm busy earning my Google Bachelor's Degree in EBIKERY.
Since I have mostly the same questions that have been asked a million times by others.
I've been Googling my questions and reading the replies given already.

Besides the fender project I have, I am reading up on.
  • Locks.
  • Security/ Alarm.
  • GPS Locator.
  • Insurance.
  • Rain Gear.
I registered my bike with...

I'm thinking about adding a Disk Lock, to the rear wheel.

Just so much info out there to sort through!!!!

So far I'm looking over insurance quotes from ...
Travelers & Velosurance

I managed to snag a set of the New Style RadRover Full Fenders, yesterday.

But I am astonished that they are out of stock in 24-hrs!

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Which is one of the reasons I'm going forward with my Fender Project.
Hopefully, I can help some others out there make their own, if I'm successful.

Respectfully, tim
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Pay Jota

Sounds really interesting, Tim. I envy your skills.

I have a Rad Rover w/o fenders but I ride in dry areas (Boise, ID in the summer-Mexico in the winter). I did opt for the rear rack and have panniers on the back so not much SPRINKLER water gets through, back there. But a front one might be nice.


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Good Morning, Pay Jota!

I have a set of each full fenders for the Rad Rover coming.
  • 1 New Style, from RadPower Bikes.
  • 1 Old Style, I think Big O Manufacturing, I won't be sure until their in hand.

I'm going later today, to pick up the pipe I ordered.

The photo below, that I lifted from the Washington Post, shows the different wall thickness for the pipe I chose.
It's just a representation, but both pipes in the photo are 4" diameter.

Respectfully, tim



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At 55, I learn something new every day!!!!

I have always been a gear head, and today I learned about Lee Iacocca's ebike.

1998 available at a dealer near you!!

The early bikes weighed as much as 75 pounds, using a 500-watt rear hub motor and a 36-volt 8 amp-hour battery that provided a range of about 20 miles at a top speed of 18 mph.

Oh, and they cost between $1,400 and $1800, depending on the model and accessories.
Some of them even folded in half for storage.

$1,400 - $1,800. in 1998 is equivalent to $2,156.75 - $2,772.96 in 2018
The more things change, the more they remain the same!

A full decade before Zero launched its first electric motorcycle in 2008, essentially a 140-pound mountain bike, Lee Iacocca was already selling an electric-assisted bicycle. They’re everywhere today, but in 1998 the Ex-Ford and Chrysler automotive genius was at the bleeding edge of two-wheeled EV tech. He was so early to the e-mobility game that he may have actually been way too early. Here’s how it shook out.

Jalopnik link below.

Respectfully, tim


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