Hello from West Wales

Matt Penfold

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United Kingdom
A bit about me and why I have joined these forums.

I am 54, and live in West Wales, just inland from Cardigan. It would be fair to say there is nothing around these parts that can be called flat, it is just a matter of how steep the incline this. For this reason I am wanting an e-bike. Cycling up these hills on a non-assisted bike is just no fun.

I plan to use the bike to commute to work, and to do some off-roading riding. Nothing to demanding though, so no drops or mud!

I am on the heavier side (wanting to loose some weight is one reason I am looking at a bike), and as I will want to carry some shopping home on occasions I need a bike that can handle me (100kg approx) and heavy stuff like cat litter, and beer. The Riese and Muller Charger 3 and Supercharger 2 seen to meet my needs.


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Welcome to the site & low energy commuting. We're out to cool the world!
I see the R&M charger & supercharger are conventional commuter frames. Be aware that loading cargo on the back lifts the front tire. I spilled off 2 previous MTB & 1 cruiser on my chin as the front wheel whipped sideways on obstructions. 5 times, broke it the last time. Several times the only rear weight was the baskets & tire tools. The stretch cargo model I own now has not dumped me, perhaps because it puts my weight on the front tire. 6500 upright miles so far. Something similar could happen by putting the cargo in a front basket, but steering heavy weight is a nuisance. Some cargo bikes as mine have bosses in the frame to mount a front basket that doesn't steer. This option does not occur on regular bikes. The weight capacity of my bike is 400 lb, 80 behind the back wheel center. I ride 26"x2.1" tires. You can see other brands of cargo bikes under that category in the bikes by type forums below.
I envy your scenery & local culture. I don't envy your Welsh weather.
Happy shopping & later riding.

Rás Cnoic

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Hello Matt
I'm down the road from you on Dartmoor. Not quite as big hills here! But short vicious ones for sure. I have a Specialised Vado SL, but sounds like you're looking for something meatier which I can understand. I'm liking the look of a new bike from UK manufacturer Cairn, called the BRAVe which looks a tough on & off road bike with good hill gearing, wide comfy tyres, a big battery 620wh and Shimano Steps 7000 motor. Only downside is its coming out in Dec, taking pre orders now so might be too far in future for you. I'm keeping an eye on them as they look well made & a good price, £2100 or so for the flat bar version I think. Good luck with your purchase anyway, those R&M bikes sound gorgeous. I've been loving my Vado SL exploring the back roads and bridleways on the moor since I got it last October, its a lot of fun.