Hello! I'm an old, retired newby from Coastal California

Dave Garth

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Hi everyone,

My name is Dave and I just bought my first electric bike.

Before electrics, I was riding five to ten miles almost everyday for many years, mostly in our hilly town of San Luis Obispo on a Giant commuter bike. As I reached 70 years old, I realized I was having trouble on hills and not enjoying riding as much. My doctor suggested I not push so hard or be quite so competitive and suggested I consider an electric assist bike. Even though I'm old, I'm an exercise nut and a techie-nerdy guy who loves technology, computers and electronics. (I'm also a Ham radio nerd .)

After test riding every electric bike available at my local bike shops, I wasn't really convinced any were quite right for me. I decided to take a calculated risk and ordered an Addmotor H1 Hithot through Amazon based mostly on the specs and the good reviews.

I'm still learning, but so far I'm totally thrilled with it and loving the experience and liberating feeling of riding an electric. The bike was easy to assemble, was received in perfect condition, and, when I needed some help, the Addmotor support was exemplary.

Now i just want to learn more about electrics.

Ann M.

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Like your progressive doctor, @Dave Garth! Good to hear that Addmotor was on top of the service side; that's important. Please share a few pics of your ebike and the places you ride; San Luis Obispo is a beautiful town and we'd enjoy learning more about it. Welcome to our EBR family :).