Hello :-) I'm checking for info re: mid-drive motors...

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I cannot speak about Tern bikes as except for the components I have little firsthand knowledge of their bikes. I only mentioned them because they have several models with 20 " tires. For rough roads you will want a good shock ( I prefer an air shock ) . For wet gravel with hills you will not want balloon tires but some at least medium knobbies. Since the 20" tires have less air volume you will appreciate a good gel seat ( I settled on a Selle Royale Respiro) and a good seatpost suspension ( I am satisfied with a Thudbuster sd and I know Alaskan likes his Kinekt body float). I REALLY hate flats so extra puncture proofing in the tires are a must for me. I also use Tannus Armour inserts . With these you are not only much less likely to puncture but can probably ride home in limp mode if you do. It is great that you are doing your homework first. This is my second bike. I did little homework on my first bike and got what I deserved. After I learned more, I rewatched Court's reviews with new eyes . Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Thank you Steve, for the additional info, much appreciated! Gives me lots to think about... thanks for sharing & for your wise words :)
I agree, Court's reviews are packed with good info & he seems to genuinely care the consumer knows the pros & cons of an ebike before purchasing... he's got a good heart - integrity is a rare character trait in this day & age of fast corporate greed & mkt'g scams.
Wishing you a fun-tastic week :)

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I ask because I tried purchasing an Ariel and I wasn't able to. Getting a bike into Canada can be an expensive proposition if it isn't sold here. I just purchased a Watt Wagon Commuter put together by a guy in Boston and it turned into a nightmare, getting a battery over the border is next to impossible. Ariel make nice bikes though. Let me know if I can be of any additional help. Happy Thanksgiving.🦃
Hello Feliz,
I had looked into a Bike Friday, but they only do hub motors, and added expense & a huge pain to get it into Canada :-(
I may have to give up on Ariel ebike... checking into Tern Vektron, Tern HSD, R&M Tinker... taking time to check info & get test rides :)
Have a fun-tastic week!

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* Ariel: I talked to them Friday. I got a hold of someone right away, I think one of the owners---that's a good thing since last year people were complaining of not being able to get a hold of someone there for support issues. He told me that the only aftermarket problem they ever had with the Dapu was from a customer who had submerged it. Of course, I am only reporting what he told me.

* R&M vs Ariel: Ariel is a small local company, but R&M is the Rolls Royce of e-bikes. They are very well known and super-expensive. Between the two bikes here, I think the Ariel is about $2.5K and the Tinker $5.5K ($US---I did not shop for them, just looked up quickly, could be a bit off but not much). So, in term of reputation, R&M is very high and builds reliable bikes, with a good support network (although not at good in North America as in Europe). At the same time, their pricing makes me gasp :) My wife is looking at one of their bikes for $6.5K, where the equivalent Ariel bike is less than $2K.

Ultimately, unless you are mechanically and electrically handy, imho a real important part of your decision is whether you have the local bike shop that will maintain your e-bike. Possibly a worthwhile factor to look into?
Heh, KO, thanks for following up, the info is very helpful :)
I haven't seen any posted Ariel Rider owner complaints regarding the Dapu MD500, so perhaps the issues have been resolved. Court speaks highly of the company, and I'd consider the M Class if it could cross the border without excessive dues & taxes.

R&M... 'Rolls Royce of ebikes' is sooooo true - hahaha :p ... and your wife has excellent taste, she knows what she likes - yah!!!
Tinker would be my perfect 'do anything' play bike :-D ... will need to start saving lotsa pennies if the AR M Class can't cross into Canada *sigh*

Yes, point well taken... I will need a reputable ebike shop to maintain whatever ebike I purchase.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, really appreciate your time to connect & help me figure this all out :)

Wishing you & your wife a great week, and many fun adventures on your ebikes!