This is kevin, and I am working in BTN electric bike china, which company is BTN?
here is the answer:

HANGZHOU BTN E-BIKE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(BTN HOLDING GROUP CO.,LTD) is a specialist of e-mobility components and complete systems and sells its products internationally. Our area of expertise is the production of systems for e-bikes and e-bike kits. We are successful in Europe, and the United States.

I start the BTN company at the end of year 2009, and graduated from electronic department, so it help me to know the ebike and build ebikes for customers all over the world.

why BTN? it means let's go back to nature, because the polution is getting bigger and bigger now, so I hope to do something for our world.

here you can see our company video:

Here you can download our catalogue: catalogue 2016.pdf?dl=0

if you have a ebike shop or distribute the ebikes to local shops, you can contact me

Best wishes