Hello to all from Vancouver,BC


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Hi guys, I am a new member as I got today Lectric xp bike and found this forum on Google.

I am back in Vancouver Canada, and I have e-bike that was self assembled like 8 years ago abd that I shipped with one folding e-bike from Dehatlon that is my partners one from London. Today I saw add for Lectric, it was great price so run to get ut and loved ride home.

I will do more riding in next weeks, waiting next few months to get my bike .

If there is more people from Van, give me a dm :)

That is all for now, I havevto say it looks like lovely community here

John Thompson

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Hello and welcome from your neighbor just across the border to the south in Bellingham! Cheers mate!


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Hi there Killerdog from another Vancouverite...I got into e-bikes this summer and it is truly an ejoyable experience and with all the bike path in Vancouver makes it somewhat safer.