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Hi everyone. I've just joined this forum to hopefully share experiences with like minded owners of e-bikes.
I purchased my Kalkhoff Impulse 20 in 2015 but since then have covered less than 600 miles. The reason I've not used it more is that over time I started to experience a "drag" feeling which seems to make the bike harder work to pedal than it should. Another way to describe it is when I'm a couple of miles into my ride the electric assist seems to intermittently cut out and it feels like a brake is being applied. This is at various speeds and regardless of peddling on the level or uphill. I've tried contacting Kalkhoff on numerous occasions but only recently discovered they may have gone into administration.
I'm about to take the bike to an independent dealer to get it assessed but wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar.
Looking forward to chatting regardless and happy cycling.


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Welcome to the site.
My $221 ebikeling kit was pretty consistent over 4500 miles and 2 1/2 years. then a gear wore out, but with a geared hub motor, i just pedalled it home with no drag. Using a Mac 12 geared hub motor now, which was the last one of a lot at lunabike. Power shudders as it comes on, i think there is something wrong with the one way clutch. Probably was a return from somebody. But if I feather it with the throttle i can smooth it out. Wouldn't work with a PAS system with sudden jerky turn on.
Ebike business expanded about 50% this year with the factories shut down. Hard to get anybody knowledgeable to pay attention to you now, they have too many customers. Good luck.