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Hello from Kentucky and Florida! I’m really excited to meet everyone, and I’m also really excited to start a thread asking for your expert advice and guidance. I don’t currently (nor have I ever) owned an electric bike/trike. That’s why I’m here. It’s time to put my sadly ignored Specialized Hard Rock out to pasture, and find a proper electric trike for my next adventures, which will probably consist of trips to the beach, and the local grocer just down the road.


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Welcome to the site. I live across the river from Louisville.I bike over there sometimes to shop or attend concerts @ Ky center for the Arts or the Bellevedere plaza next door.
Three wheeler with two wheels in the back, limit the turns to 5 mph. They tend to tip over.
If you look under cargo bikes category (bikes by type below) you'll see some 3 wheel bikes with two front wheels, that tip from side to side to lean into the turn. More expensive, more rideable.
I ride a cargo bike shown left, can carry up to 80 lb supplies. I'm 70 but still have my reaction time undiminished.


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Welcome SjBarks to the wonderful world of e-bikes. Indianjo offers some sound advice. Paying a bit more for a something more stable is definitely worth it.