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Hello to all,
I do bike since I am 5, but I decided to be more active since my son is a teenager.
Now he is a young adul plenty of force and energy and the old father I am cannot always follows him as he whishes.

I decided to look at an e-bike solution to make sure he will continue to appreciate his rides with me.
I just received my Rize RX which is a beast of 70 pounds.
It is a good strong bike (like a tank) with a 1000 W Bafang motor.
Unfortunately, at the Level Assist 1 it is already too much on flat roads and you always have the impression to pedal without any torque.

I look forward to talk to you again in the conversations.


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Welcome. Look for discussions here on how to detune the Bafang so that level One is more sedate. This has been discussed several times in great detail by experts.
Here is an electric bike I made yesterday. It has a torque sensor to help elevate the issue you are having with your bike. I did not weigh this one but it is under 40 pounds, at about 38.


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