HELP! 2015 Specialized Turbo S Failure


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Hi all. The bike had been great for me for years. About a month ago, I pulled it out to ride after not riding for several months. All the lights came on fine with the battery, but the display was dead -- no problem, I changed the display battery. Booted it up again and got "B FAIL" on the display.
The battery showed charge, and all the diagnostic lights were ok, but obviously this was a problem. I finally found a LBS that would take it with all the covid stuff. Diagnostics showed that one of the battery cells had gone bad, so they replaced the battery, but the bike still does not work. There doesn't seem to be communication between the battery and the motor, so it just does not engage. LBS is now out of ideas and says I should take it to another shop that's about an hour away. Can anyone here help? It's still at the bike shop, so I haven't seen it since it got the new battery. Maybe something else I can have them check before I pick it up? I really don't want to spend several more hours and $$$ on this. Unfortunately I don't know about this system to even ask the correct questions.

Thanks in advance!