Help choose a Class 3 commuting bike


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I bought the SL 4.0 EQ, and then added RedShift ShockStop front and rear. Far cheaper than buying the SL 5.0. I have not ridden a FutureShock 1.5 but the vibration dampening action of the RedShift ShockStop stem feels better than of a Suntour XCM32 110 mm suspension fork... Honestly.
Thanks for that, never heard of these stems. Have passed info onto work colleague, his 45kmhr Giant has rigid forks. Also sent him a link for Suntour NCX seatpost.

Stefan Mikes

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Mazovia, Poland
Also sent him a link for Suntour NCX seatpost.
If he can afford it, either Redshift ShockStop or Kinekt 2.1 suspension seat-posts are both excellent. These are only very expensive.
The major difference is I have never had pedal bob with Redshift but that happens to Kinekt (probably wrong spring selection of mine).