Help choosing first Ebike to be a delivery man


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I think this bike is only available in Japan, but do they have anything similar in France?

Yamaha PAS Gear Cargo

Yamaha Pas Gear Cargo | Electric Bike Forums - Q&A, Help, Reviews and  Maintenance

Yamaha Pas Gear Cargo | Electric Bike Forums - Q&A, Help, Reviews and  Maintenance


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You're not the first person who says Rad does not keep their parts in stock.

This is exactly why I was against it when they decided to go with the proprietary 22 x 3.0 tires for the RadWagon.

It is not just Rad or even just the bicycle industry. Here is a comment I left on the Riese & Muller facebook forum for people complaining about production and delivery delays.

The shelves are bare. Everyone is out of stock on everything, especially bikes and their components.

Global manufacturer's and material supplier's of just about every thing have adopted near universal trimming of inventory to what can be produced and shipped just in time to just keep up with demand.

The sudden, dramatic surge in demand for bikes and their components due to covid, the disruption in production and shipping schedules that has resulted from covid, the lags in material supplies to manufacturers due to covid have stalled and delayed everyone's production and delivery schedules.

And thus here we are, waiting for our bikes and the parts needed to fix them.

Howling and whining won't help. It is what it is. We just have to learn patience and practice restraint. Sorry


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Thanks for all your answers guys, would check them out.
And for the " Best Electric Bikes of 2020", not sure all are available in France, I tried to find the Ohm quest for example, maybe I am not looking on the good platforms, I'v sent them an email to be sure.
Glad to help... any update on your bike selection?