Help deciding on an ebike please


Senior woman 5’4 overweight with 1 knee replaced and 1 to go. I have ridden Como and Vado 3 and 4 step through and OHM cruise, Liv Amiti and Trek verve 2+. Want to ride urban and gravel/dirt trails 50-60 k with hills. Como is certainly comfy but maybe not for trails and hills? Vado more agile but more forward positioning so more shoulder and wrist strain. Not handy at all so reluctant to choose much cheaper big box options. I’m getting overwhelmed with all the tech info and wondering what choice would give enough battery and motor power with the agility and comfort for hopefully longer rides with no worries about running out of juice.
I have been riding a Specialized cross trail for years but now want hill help with good tire Traction and be comfortable!


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Well the specialized turbo como with the 15" frame looks to be a good match, the 16.8 ah is good but the 36 v battery may limit range a bit. I get 30 hilly miles with 60 lb cargo from an 840 WH battery. For that price I would rather have a suspension than hydraulic brakes, and an 11 speed rear cluster will require frequent (500-1000 miles?) chain replacement. The brose motor will allow you to pedal unpowered without drag if your fitness increases to where you want to do that. Canada won't let you have more than a 350 W motor so you're going to have to shift down for the up hills.
Any of the bikes, I'd change to 2.1" knobby tires for gravel especially. I ride the kendas knobbies on the street to make sure I don't have any flats. Also any geared hub motor bikes, you can't ride from the sea to the top of the sierra in 15 minutes without burning the motor. 15 minutes max uphill at full power is the thermal limit. I don't know how high the hills are on vancouver, but is a serious problem around LA where most e-bikes are sold.
The bulls cruiser E may match in the 45 cm frame but would require a 2nd battery to make your distance requirement. Has a geared hub motor that you can pedal unpowered without drag.
The magnum Ui6 in 17" frame might do but will require a 2nd battery. It can be bought with an optional 19 AH battery that might make your distance. I don't like the straight handlebar on it, I much prefer the turned back bar on my yubabikes bodaboda left. 7 speed chain should last 4-5000 miles (my 8 speed chain did). Also has a geared hub motor.
You should visit in vancouver, they are a converter that might be able to put you in something with a 21 AH or 25 AH 48 v battery that won't require battery changes for 60 km. Stay away from bosch mid drives, IMHO, they drag like an anchor unpowered and the batteries are super expensive. Bafang drags as badly unpowered but doesn't have the premium battery charge. Geared hub drives except the gmac don't drag unpowered. I rode my bike home unpowered 30 miles when a hard rain took out the throttle (but a hair dryer brought it back after I reached home).
Don't let anybody sell you an 18" or 19" or bigger frame that requires you to lean forward excessively withtoo much weight on your hands. Mine go to sleep in 40 minutes even sitting up. Bike shops tend to only stock bikes for enormous people, as all the people that own them are that size. All the small frame bikes in my county are pink with holly hobby logo on the seat. **** shifter & brakes, too. Don't be talked into rim brakes, they don't work in the rain. My cable pull disk brakes work fine in the rain, and don't require cylinder replacement when the pad needs replacing, either.
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The Trek Allant+ 7S Stagger (not the lowstep) has a dual battery option. Small frame is supposed to fit 5’1”-5’5” Pricey but would guarantee your range even in a higher level of pedal assist.