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Hi all, I'm trying to decide between a RadRover Step-Thru 1 or the Electric Bike Company Model R.

The Model R costs about $1k more. It seems to have higher quality components, it's more powerful and the battery is not hung on the outside, which I do prefer.

I'm not sure if I'd be just as satisfied with the experience of riding the RadRover and save a bunch of money. This will be my first e-bike other than taking the ride share ones out for a spin.

I'd be riding for recreation and exercise, and there are a fair amount of hills around. Any advice?


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The RadRover is one of the most common ebike. Because of that, there are tons of upgrades available.

If you're worried about not having enough power, there's absolutely no worries because companies like Bolton and Electro Bike World will have high power upgrade available for you.


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of the two i like the Model R! Both appear to be reputable companies!
if you like the look of the Model R but want to save some cash check out the Ride 1 up 700, its $1500 like the Rover.


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The Rad is an inexpensive but very functional and popular bike - with great support. Maybe one of the best on that account. The fact it's inexpensive helps on 2 counts. It going to teach you a ton for starters. You'll be a much more educated buyer the second time around. Second, there are so many aftermarket parts available for it you are able to modify or change any part of it you aren't happy with - and STILL be way less expensive than much of it's competition....


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I bought a Rover step through in Apr. and have been very pleased with it. It's my first Ebike and does everything I want it do do. My rides include plenty of hills and the bike handles them fine. The only issue I've had was a failed headlight and they were quick to send me a new one.