Help Getting Gazelle Medeo T10 Battery Cap Back On


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I bought a new Gazelle Medeo T10 and the battery flap that covers the down tube battery outlet is broken or it will not go back on. I can get the bottom part to snap in but not the top part. I have asked for help from dealers and I am waiting from Gazelle. Has anyone had the same issue with getting any battery charger cap or flap to go on flush. I do not want water or debris to get into the battery compartment. I hope I am making sense.


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Hey, I had my cover come off a couple weeks ago and haven't been successful in getting it back in either. Just reached out to my LBS last night and they told me they usually have luck using rubbing alcohol! I dipped the pointy part of the plug into a little bit of isopropyl alcohol then was able to pretty easily slip it in like it was originally!


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ya I have the same issue every time I open the charging port. Definitely a bad design. But that's about the only knock I have on the bike!:)