Help in choosing my new e-bike


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im investigating to buy a good quality e-bike that will serve me few years. Unfortunately i have medical problems with my hips and doctor suggested me i start to drive a bike. It is interesting to me as i have this desire for some time. I would use the bike to travel to work and from work in good weather, drive to city and do simple things when weather allows it. Generally i plan to use the bike quite often. I think e-bike suits me good, because my stamina is not high and it helps me to travel larger distances.

I bought a Samebike LO26, but was not impressed with its quality. The brakes were terrible, front sunspension leaked oil after a month of use, often the controller would give random errors and limiting current. I sold that bike and decided to buy a new one, hopefully more reliable and better quality. I would like a fat bike because that is pretty apealing concept to me, and i dont need a foldable bike. I live in rural area so we have many paths that are off road type, i think a fat bike is more comfortable here. The Samebike LO26 was more a bike for a 60 kg teenager.

By little searching i have found RadRhino 5, looks to me like a nice bike, good quality, acceptable price and easy to obtain any parts. The only thing i dont like is the 250 W motor (not sure how it would behave on hills with 105 kg driver). Also dont like that there is no throttle, only pedal support, but i think i could live with this. I dont mind if bike is over 250 W, i live in rural area and dont fear of any legal problems.

Is there any better bikes than RadRhino 5? Is 250 W enough? Samebike was 350 W, but i was not impressed, but dont know how true that claim was. I would like to buy a bike in price range of RadRhino 5 or little more. Would preffer an EU dealer, but dont mind ordering from China too.