Help me buy a new eBike!


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Hi, Looking for advice on my second eBike. I am looking for a solid, high-quality bike with:

Fat tires
48V, 15aV +
750W +
Mid-drive motor
Front suspension

Long range, hydraulic brakes, belt drive, rack and lights would be nice as well. I do not need a high top speed or full off-road capabilities. Looking at bikes under $3,000. Mostly riding on paved (though rough) and dirt roads, some packed beach sand. I’m 5’ 9”, 32” inseam, 61 years-old, not very aggressive rider. I like the EUNORAU FAT-HS 2021 Fat Tire 1000W 48V Mountain Electric Bike, but might be more than I need. Do you know bikes by Haoqi?

Would love your advice.


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If you want one, pull the trigger quick.Go to the "Maxfoot "site and see if there are any 26" beach Cruisers left, the motor is a hub motor, however it must of been wound for torque because it is rated 85nm and it was very strong and it has a fairly big battery and front suspension fat tires nice seat ,tailight( wish I would have kept mine) now around $1300 Save some money and it has 180 mm mechanical disc brakes( they worked fine) Never fall into the "bells and whistles "trap on something as fun as an EBike. I rode mine on steep rough roads and after a 15 mile trip still had a fair amount of juice left.