Help me cobble together my own Voltbike Bravo from China

Comfortably Numb

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What's up with the screenshot of the bike? That does not show a Voltbike Bravo.
Voltbike is out of Vancouver, B.C. (well, a suburb of Vancouver)
If you were to go to Voltbike's website I figure you can get an idea what the Bravo offers and can maybe determine what you need to order. Maybe there's even a way Voltbike can arrange to get one to you since they all come out of China before ending up in Vancouver anyway. There are a lot of them around where I live. They're pretty popular. I would think the only thing of concern is how decent the frames are. Every other component is pretty much legit. (at least what you get when bought here, however a bit lower end......hence the price) I've been to their office/dist. centre. I went with a friend of mine to get his Yukon.
I recall the Bravo sells for about $1800 CDN here.