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I know earlier in the thread indianajo said he would not do a 20 inch tire. I understand the 20 vs 26 in a 4inch pothole... but I also understand the physics of a 20 inch tire on a hill climb. Am I wrong in my understanding? Also when actually testing the 26inch bikes they felt too large. For sure would have to be a step thru.

I was able to test a Pedago Element and I think I like it a lot. I like that it is smaller, lighter, and easier to get on/off and load on bike rack. There was a pretty steep hill (steeper than mine - but only like 6 tenths of a mile) I rode up twice pretty easily in assist 3 or 4. Other things going for this bike is it is in stock. Price is right. Dealer said they will offer a front shock soon. And I could get suspension seatpost and still be under budget. Plus I like having a dealer - especially after reading many horror stories about long customer service wait times for mail order bikes.

The dealer seems to think it would be fine and I asked if I should go fo the bigger one without him knowing I thought it was too big and he thought either would be fine.

I have not pulled the trigger yet... anyone wanna convince me either way?

plus any thoughts on other things I'd need to buy - helmet, better seat, seatpost, water bottle holder, rear light - or just get a helmet with one built in? more?


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Fat tires on Pedego Element may help a little on potholes.
When I had my last accident @ 25 mph I was wearing a $1 helmet I bought from Salvation Army resale. I washed the inside with 409. I could have used a chin guard, but the rest of my head was okay. Chin guard helmets are ~$200 up. Fox Rampage is what I wear now. Ventilated, has metal screens over vent holes to keep out sun & tree branches. See threads under parts & accessories for other opinions. Some people bash their heads at speed into concrete culverts. I've never hit a fixed object, just pavement or gravel.
Rear light with rechargeable LiIon cells is nice. Mine was too expensive to recommend. My backup rear light is a Brightz pink from the grocery store, $11, uses 2 AAA cells. I mount it with #6 screws under a sheet of horizontal plastic to keep the rain off. When I had a brightz mounted with the original tie-wraps, somebody cut them and stole it.
Good seats cost $$. I'm using evo cruiser 218x280 mm, fits rails. has some seats, lights too.