Help, my CCX was flooded!


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Help! Yesterday I was riding my CCX in a mountain biking state park for the first time. I asked some girl about directions and she said sure go that way- what I thought was a small shallow green covered stream was a freaking pond and my CCX was immersed for a few seconds before I extricated myself! Yes, the CCX was fully immersed, with my phone on the handlebar. After I quickly got out, my CCX was working, my phone was working. I rode 3 miles home, spray washed the CCX with the battery on. Took off the battery and wiped down everything. 3 hours later I ride 3 miles over to a friends house, stop to talk for 20 min. The bike turns off. I then can't get it to power up, rode home, charge the battery. The next day with a fully charged battery, I can't get it to power up! Is it my battery or the controller? Where is the controller? Thanks!


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Here's the CCX link to where you controller is located,

Here's an owner's view of this task.

The controller is above the battery and uses water proof connectors. If you got the water out of the frame, it should have stayed dry inside. But if you left the battery in the bike with water all around the connectors, maybe the yellow XT60 connector got corroded. That would be the best case. Worse case, the inside of the controller is toast.

Or maybe the display took in some water too.

I've had bikes wash out just from getting water spayed on the wires going thru a puddle. Nothing permanent for me. I pulled the power until everything was dried out.

Good luck.