Help needed re Currie Electro DP18 Display - Raleigh IE Cadent / iZip3 - Dash Wiring Pin-out for the 5-pin connector?


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My 16 month 'old' Raleigh Cadent IE's LCD controller has decided to stop working, and the store I purchased it from are struggling to find a replacement - even though its not even 2 years old :( - when turned on, the display will come on as normal, though will not show the battery level (it is a fully charged battery, with a good fuse) and sometimes I can scroll through the Trip and Odo settings at least once and then it just locks whatever page it ends on. PAS and lights do not work.

So first I need to check the 5-pin connector to/from the LCD display. BUT after days of searching online, and calling local Raleigh / ebike stores I still can not find info to tell me how those 5-pin connector wires are designated.



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I have a similar problem with my iE Retro. My battery registers a full charge, but the amps are not there. The shop hooked up a newer battery and the LCD screen still did not turn on. At this time there is a 4 week wait for the controller and battery. Even is I spend the $ 800 plus they can't guarantee it will fix the problem. Did your shop come up with a fix?