Help needed: Trying to mount B&M IQX-E on Intuvia Mount

tout saison

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Hi all. Trying to mount a new light to replace the haibike (sduro trekking 9.0 S) light that came with my mount. The B&M light came with a mounting bracket but no other hardware (weak); it's a single piece that has a screw hole in the bottom and two pivot points along the way to rotate the light on a single axis (up and down). Looking at the screws on my current Intuvia mount they aren't long enough to thread through the light bracket and then go back into the intuvia bracket. Even if I get longer screws (and probably a washer) the light will most likely be slightly tilted; it is not rotatable so the light beam horizon would not be correct and it would bug the crap out of me. need to find a different solution

what are my choices to mount the thing so that the beam is flat on the horizon? how do i attach this to my handlebars as in the european website pictures? (

as to the wiring, I was hoping to cut the wire that connects the current light and then use two butt crimp connectors to wire the new light in. I am assuming that the single wire that goes into the current light actually contains a positive and neutral wire inside to do the splicing. anyone have any experience with this?

thanks for your help here.


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I but the B&M IX-E on my Quick E. I used it to replace the existing stock light. I cant help you with the mounting since mine just bolts above the fender but it looks like yours is on the handlebar.
I cut the wire that went into the original light and it does have both wires inside it. Then spliced it to the new wires on the light, using solder and heat shrink.
Make sure to test the wires before you heat shrink the connections. One thing that I found was that the Hot & Neutral wiring on the bike was backwards from the light.